At our Opera-Italiana
The pizza is still baked according to old
tradition in the real wood oven, lovingly made
is the typical aroma of our wood oven pizza


alle Pizzen werden mit Tomatensauce und Mozzarella belegt


Flauto Magico13,00

With tomatoes, mozzarella, bresaola and black truffles


Romana 11,00

Salsiccia, stone mushrooms and Parmesan

Tosca 8,50


Tonno 9,50

Tuna and onions (FI)

Gazza Ladra11,50

Parma ham, rocket and Parmesan

Boheme 10,50

Spinaci and gorgonzola


Tuna and onions (FI)

L`amico Fritz 10,50

Verdura fresca

Capriccio 10,50

With ham, spicy salami, mushroom and hot peppers.

Otello 11,00

Piquant salami, rocket and Parmesan

Madame Butterfly 13,50

Large shrimps, crab and garlic (KT)

Le Foccace

(Pizza bread)

Con Parmigiano 5,00

Greatened with parmesan

La Musika 5,00

Tomatoes,onions, basil and garlic

Suor Angela4,00



4 pieces of roasted bread with tomatoes and garlic

Extra wünsche


Prosciutto di Parma | Parma ham | Parma Schinken***3,00

Aglio | garlic | Knoblauch0,50

Prosciutto cotto | Cooked ham | Schinken*2,00

Gorgonzola |Gorgonzola | Gorgonzola2,00

Rucola |Rucola | Rucola2,00

Olive |Olives | Oliven1,50

Funghi Freschi | Champignons |frische Champignon 1,00

Parmigiano |Parmesan | Parmesan 1,50

Salame | Mild salami |Salami mild ** 1,50

Salame |Spicy salami |Salami pikant ** 2,00

Capperi |Capers |Kapern 0,50

Sardelle | sardines |Sardellen 1,00

Tonno | Tuna fish |Thunfisch 1,50

Scampi |a scampi| Scampi3,50

Mozzarella |Mozzarella | Mozzarella 1,50

Spinaci |Spinach |Spinat 1,50

Carciofi |Artichokes |Artischocken 1,50

Bresaola |Bresaola| Bresaola3,00

Cipolla |onions | Zwiebeln 1,00

Peperoni |hot peppers |Peperoni 1,00


* = Kochschinken
** = pikante Salami
*** = roher Schinken nach Parma - Art
**** = Blockwurst


(GL) Gluten haltiges Getreide, (Kt) Krebstiere, (Ei) Eier, (Fi) Fisch, (Mi) Milch und Lactose, (Wt) Weichtiere, (SI) Sellerie, (SS) Schwefeldioxid und Sulfite, (Nü) Nüsse, (SF) Senf